Atom Probe Tomography: a promising tool for biomineral studies & paleoclimatology.

miércoles, febrero 20, 2019

Using the LEAP 5000 Atom Probe, University of Alabama scientists obtained the first nanoscale chemical analysis of mineral-organic interfaces in calcite from mussel shells, which is essential for our understanding of the formation of these biocarbonates. For example, some biominerals are observed to change composition based on temperature or pH changes in the ocean, which is of great interest in geosciences for applications in paleoclimatology and paleoceanography.

This is the first relative quantification of the chemical composition of the inter-crystalline organic matrix (IOM) for a carbonate biomineral!

Atom probe tomography proves to be a powerful, promising tool for biomineral studies, providing quantitative insights into local compositional variation at the nanoscale.

Download the application note Paleoclimatology - APT of Organic Matrices in Biogenic Carbonates