Optimizing the detection limits for light elements using Dynamic SIMS - Webinar

martes, febrero 26, 2019

This free on-demand webinar focuses on the optimization of the detection limits for light elements (hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen atmospheric species) in silicon-based materials using dynamic SIMS. Information on low-level impurities (H, C, O...) introduced during processing and/or ageing is of major importance for a better understanding of semiconductor device lifetime and failure modes.

Dynamic SIMS plays an important role in evaluating the concentration of impurities in solid samples because of its high sensitivity and depth profiling capabilities with high depth resolution and throughput. Based on the dynamic SIMS technique, the IMS 7f-Auto is designed to achieve optimized detection limits for light elements. Data presented in this webinar shows that significant improvement of H, C, and O detection limits in Si is achieved using the pre-sputtering method. Results obtained using multiple sample holders and the automated storage chamber are also presented.

Presenter: Dr Paula Peres, CAMECA SIMS Product Manager
Duration: 25 minutes
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