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SIMS 22, Kyoto, Japan: Join us!

jueves, octubre 10, 2019

We look forward to welcome all our customers, prospects and partners at our SIMS 22 booth, October 20-25 in Kyoto. In addition to the various presentations by CAMECA delegate in the scientific program that we warmly encourage you to attend (see list below), we hope to see many of you Tuesday at the CAMECA luncheon and evening party. All our customers are cordially invited, please pass by our booth to pick up your free tickets for the two events.

Tuesday, 22 October from 12:45 to 13:45 - CAMECA LUNCHEON in Room 1
  • Welcome & introduction by Songsu Cho, director of CAMECA Japan
  • EIKOS-UV and APSuite 6 by David Larson, director of scientific marketing
  • News from our SIMS semiconductor product line by Olivier Dulac, sales director - semiconductor market
  • IMS 7f-Auto: a high throughput, versatile SIMS tool by Philippe Saliot, sales director - SIMS academic market 
  • NanoSIMS 50L: recent data and applications by François Horreard, product manager
  • Update on the other SIMS & EPMA product lines by Songsu Cho
Tuesday, 22 October from 18:30 - CAMECA BUFFET STYLE PARTY
Location: Heian Jingu Shrine.
All our customers are welcome to come and share this friendly evening in a Japanese garden setting. There will be drinks, nice food and entertainment! Don't forget to pick up your ticket at our booth as early as possible in the week.

Wednesday, 23 October SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMME

09:40-10:00 - Room 5 - Oral by Alex Merkulov
Dynamic secondary ion mass spectrometry for semiconductor process control

17:30-17:50 - Room 5 - Oral by Paula Peres
Optimized detection limits for light elements using dynamic SIMS

18:10-20:10 - Poster & Exhibition Hall - 23-SP-08, by Paula Peres
III-V compound analysis using the CAMECA IMS 7f-Auto

18:10-20:10 - Poster & Exhibition Hall - 23-SP-86, by David J. Larson
Correlative analysis in the semiconductor industry