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Two new webinar series on Atom Probe Tomography

miércoles, septiembre 30, 2020

We have just started rolling out these two new webinars series:
- Basics of Atom Probe Tomography
- Applications of Atom Probe Tomography

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the basic principles of APT, the only microanalytical technique delivering 3D compositional imaging and analysis with near atomic resolution and to delve into its multiple research and industry applications.
All live webinars are followed by Q & A sessions, giving you a chance to interact with our experts!

Mark your agenda to become fluent with Atom Probe Tomography!
Click on the links below to register

 Basics of APT  Date 
 Easy 3D Nanoscale Analysis  On Demand
 Specimen Preparation  On Demand
 Data Collection  13 October 2020 - 10AM
 Reconstruction and IVAS  10 November 2020 - 10AM
 Grain/Phase Boundary Analysis  8 December 2020 - 10AM
 Cluster/Precipitate Searching  5 January 2021 - 10AM
 Applications of APT  
 High Impact Research: Metals and Alloys  On Demand
 High Impact Research: Nanomaterials  On Demand
 High Impact Research: Wet APT Specimens  27 October 2020 - 10AM
 High Impact Research: Geoscience  24 November 2020 - 10AM