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2021 Atom Probe Tomography Webinar Schedule

miércoles, octubre 13, 2021

We are continuing our two APT webinar series:
- Basics of Atom Probe Tomography
- Applications of Atom Probe Tomography.
Each presentation is followed by Q & A sessions allowing interaction with our experts.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the basic principles of APT, the only microanalytical technique delivering 3D compositional imaging and analysis with near atomic resolution and to delve into its multiple research and industry applications.
All live webinars are followed by Q & A sessions, giving you a chance to interact with our experts!

Mark your agenda to become fluent with Atom Probe Tomography!
Click on the links below to register or to view past webinars now available for on demand viewing.

Basic of APT Date
Easy 3D Nanoscale Analysis  On Demand
Specimen Preparation  On Demand
Data Collection  On Demand
Reconstruction and IVAS  On Demand
Grain/Phase Boundary Analysis  On Demand
Cluster/Precipitate Searching  On Demand
Ranging, Peak ID, Peak Deconvolution:
The Basis of Everything You Do in APT
 On Demand
Time to Knowledge - Specimen Preparation
and Data Aquisition Automation
 On Demand
Advanced Specimen Preparation -
How and Why
 On Demand
Pole Indexing and Spatial Distribution Maps.
What's Your Orientation?
 On Demand
Hydrogen Charging Tips and Tricks
with Heena Khanchandani (MPIE)
 On Demand
Scripted Acquisition  On Demand
Nanomaterials and particles with Pyuck-Pa Choi of KAIST  10/26/21

Applications of APT Date
High Impact Research: Metals and Alloys
 On Demand
High Impact Research: Nanomaterials  On Demand
High Impact Research: Wet APT Specimens  On Demand
High Impact Research: Geoscience  On Demand
High Impact Research: Semiconductors  On Demand
High Impact Research: Dielectrics and Insulators –
Physics and Applications
 On Demand
High Impact Research: Nuclear Materials  On Demand
High Impact Research: Geosciences, with Dr. David Saxey  On Demand
High Impact Research: Cryo APT for Biological Applications, with
Yi-Sheng Chen of The University of Sydney
 On Demand
High Impact Research: Thermoelectrics with Leonie Gomell (GMX)
and Ting Luo (MPIE)
 On Demand
High Impact Research: Lithium Ion Batteries  On Demand
High Impact Research: Superalloys  On Demand
High Impact Research: APT Reveals Nanoscale Structure and Composition of Tooth Biominerals with Derk Joester of Northwestern University  On Demand
High Impact Research: Optical FIbers with Myungkoo Kang.  11/09/2021
High Impact Research: Microscopy for Semiconductor Production
and Development with Jiangtao Zhu.
High Impact Research: Composition metrology and correlative microscopy of wide bandgap semiconductors with APT with Adeline Grenier (CEA); Ionna Dimkou (CEA); Lorenzo Rigutti (University of Rouen); and Enrico Di Russo (University of Padova)  2/1/2022