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IVAS Software
Transform your Atom Probe Tomography (APT) data into meaningful quantitative information
The CAMECA Atom Probes provide the three dimensional position and composition of the original location of the atoms in the specimen. This represents a tremendous amount of information, hence the need for a sophisticated visualization and analysis software to enable APT users to extract knowledge from the data, quickly and easily.

Specifically developed for the CAMECA APT instruments, the IVAS® software is included in the standard software packages of all LEAP and EIKOS models. IVAS runs on the latest Windows® operating systems and offers powerful multi-threaded 64-bit computational analysis.

IVAS key features include but are not limited to:
  • Ability to reconstruct wide Field Of View atom probe data using 3D reconstruction wizard
  • Intuitive ‘Tree view’ to manipulate and manage atom probe projects
  • Integrated electronic user manual
  • Ability to export 1-D, 2-D,a nd 3-D quantitative results in native formats to popular statistical/analysis software
  • Solute analysis including envelope, precipitate, 3D Johnson and Klotz ordering, contingency table, markov chain, tracer, and LBM method
  • 3D Orthographic views
  • Axis scale control with user selected foreground and background color
  • Projection, clipping, and XYZ image plane rotation from multiple points of view
  • Optional density relaxation during reconstruction
  • Reconstruction explorer
  • Gaussian smoothing of discrete data
  • Thermal color shading and contour plots
  • Range file management
  • High resolution image capture
  • Movie export
  • Isosurface definition and sorting
  • Ability to plot and analyze mass spectra
  • Complex Region Of Interest manipulation and analysis
  • Radial distribution function
  • Proximity histograms
  • Spatial distribution maps
  • Advanced spectral analysis
  • Advanced image exporting
  • Predictive Periodic table overlay in mass spectrum during analysis
  • Ability to identify interfaces and calculate various surface roughness statistics in compliance with international standards (ASME B46)
  • Bulk composition panel displays statistics using atomic weighting/ionic weighting and decomposed ionic weighting
  • Choice of Lin/Log scales for all composition and histogram displays
  • Save/Restore/Apply Analysis state.