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  • APT CAMECA Honnor
    Atom Probe Tomography: Development and Application to the Geosciences

    martes, marzo 10, 2020 18 días transcurridos

    An open access, comprehensive review of current studies and potential future applications of nanoscale geochemical studies of natural materials.

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  • NanoSIMS Cell Biology
    Cellular Biology Applications of NanoSIMS 50L Webinar

    lunes, febrero 17, 2020 40 días transcurridos

    Product manager François Horreard details the specifics of biological sample preparation before analysis in the NanoSIMS 50L and reviews a selection of recent studies incl. trace element mapping in retina, detection of metal based drugs in cells...

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  • Dissecting materials one atom at a time with Atom Probe Tomography

    miércoles, enero 8, 2020 80 días transcurridos

    Division VP & Business Unit Manager of CAMECA Jesse Olson explains how APT works, how it can help designing high-strength alloys for the most diverse applications, and looks at the new horizons opened by the EIKOS model.

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  • SIMS
    The Principles of Dynamic SIMS - Webinar

    viernes, enero 3, 2020 85 días transcurridos

    This free on-demand webinar is an excellent introduction to the dynamic SIMS technique.

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