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  • Sulfur Appnote
    Analysis of Microcrystalline Fe Sulfides with SIMS - Application note

    miércoles, abril 27, 2022 20 días transcurridos

    SIMS scanning ion imaging provides the spatial resolution (≤1 μm) necessary to measure inter‐ and intra‐grain sulfur isotopic variability in microcrystalline pyrites.

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  • Appnote Light and Alloys
    Stronger High-Temperature Light Alloys with APT - Application note

    domingo, abril 24, 2022 23 días transcurridos

    Nanoscale features are critical to alloys’ performance. Atom Probe Tomography helps understand how the microstructure and localized compositions affect the material properties: strength, ductility, resistance to corrosion and/or high temperatures.

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  • Online seminar genopole icon
    Online seminar! NanoSIMS Imaging of the Brain in Health and Disease

    jueves, abril 21, 2022 26 días transcurridos

    Pr. Rizzoli, director of the Dpt of Neuro- and Sensory Physiology, Gottingen Univ. reviews recent findings on the function of synapses.

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  • Building better steels with a CAMECA SIMS at ArcelorMittal
    Success story! Building better steels with a CAMECA SIMS at ArcelorMittal

    martes, abril 5, 2022 42 días transcurridos

    As the world’s largest steelmaking and mining company, ArcelorMittal researches new steel chemistries and seeks to optimize coating formulations. A key tool in their global R&D center is a CAMECA secondary ion mass spectrometer.

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  • MARC conf
    Join us at MARC 2022 “Methods and Applications of Radioanalytical Chemistry” event!

    jueves, marzo 24, 2022 54 días transcurridos

    Take part in the MARC 2022- International Conference on Methods and Applications of Radioanalytical Chemistry, and learn about chemistry and nuclear with our three poster sessions

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  • Innovative Research in Science & Nature
    Innovative Research in Science & Nature – February 2022 Newsletter

    viernes, febrero 4, 2022 102 días transcurridos

    Read the latest issue of our newsletter and learn about exciting research and new articles

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  • webinar pv
    New webinar! Application of SIMS in Solar PV Research: The Role of Hydrogen in Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells

    viernes, enero 14, 2022 123 días transcurridos

    Dr. Di Kang used Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry to investigate the correlation between the hydrogen amount in the poly-Si/SiOx structure and the surface passivation level. This information is key to improving solar cell efficiency.

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