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  • LEAP-automation-packages
    New! Automation packages for the LEAP Atom Probe

    viernes, marzo 19, 2021 23 días transcurridos

    Available as options to the AP Suite 6.1 software platform, they address the growing demand for fast and unattended analysis of large numbers of samples.

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  • Lithium batteries
    SIMS analysis of ion transport mechanism in lithium-ion batteries – Application note.

    jueves, marzo 18, 2021 24 días transcurridos

    A new protocol allows to measure the tracer diffusion coefficient in Li-based thin films using Dynamic SIMS and the ion exchange method.

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  • News cea cadarache nuclear
    Success story! Nuclear research with Shielded EPMA at CEA Cadarache

    jueves, marzo 4, 2021 38 días transcurridos

    Investigating the impacts of simulated reactor accidents on irradiated fuels to improve safety.

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  • APT Webinars
    2021 Atom Probe Tomography Webinar Schedule

    viernes, febrero 12, 2021 58 días transcurridos

    Learn the basics of Atom Probe Tomography and how it is applied to multiple high impact research topics

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  • success story manchester sims
    Success story! Plant studies with NanoSIMS 50L at the University of Manchester

    miércoles, febrero 10, 2021 60 días transcurridos

    Investigating the temporal uptake and distribution of iron into wheat grain cells to improve its nutritional content.

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  • Appnote EPMA
    Nuclear fuel optimization with Shielded EPMA – New application note.

    viernes, enero 8, 2021 93 días transcurridos

    In order to facilitate nuclear waste disposal, scientists investigate various processes to recycle the highly radiotoxic Minor Actinides that result from irradiation of oxide fuels in light water reactors.

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